Brasov International Airport

Brașov-Ghimbav International Airport is an airport currently under construction in Ghimbav , at a distance of 12 km from Brașov . The project and plan cost about 70 million euros. The runway has a length of 2820 m and a width of 45 m and concrete sidewalks of 7.5 m. On the future runway will be able to land and take off any type of aircraft, except the A380 , which requires a special terminal and a longer runway .  On 21 May 2014, the first aircraft took off and landed on the runway of the new airport.  The future A3 motorway will pass by the airport . Brasov will be the 17th city in Romania to have an airport. The terminal of the airport from Brașov will be the third, in size, after the Henri Coandă Airport from Otopeni and the Airport from Cluj-Napoca.

In September 2012, the winner of the tender for the construction of the airport runway was determined. According to the specifications, Vectra Service SRL had the best offer, with the lowest price, ie 12.7 million euros.  The airport runway was officially inaugurated on October 3, 2014. Since then, the County Council has allocated 106 million lei and made a loan for another 100 million lei also for the Airport. 

The money is needed for the 3,600 sq m passenger terminal, the control tower, the 163-seat parking lot and other works necessary to complete the investment. In total, the airport will cost 57 million euros (includes the runway that cost 13 million euros).

In 2018, the works for the construction of the taxiways started. The auction was won by SC PORR Construct SRL which offered a price of 31 million lei. According to the project, the following objectives will be achieved: Alpha taxiway (with a length of 200 meters and a width of 23 meters, plus sidewalks); the embarkation-disembarkation platform (which will have the size of 135 m / 145 m and will allow the stationing of three category C aircraft with a wingspan of 36 meters); storm sewer for the designed objectives and for the existing runway; installation of beacon pipes for the designed objectives (runway and platform); platform lighting; elements of protection of the constructions from the runway strip. 


Construction work on the airport in 2020

With the construction of the airport, it will create about 6,000 jobs. It will bring to Brasov more tourists, Brasov being on the 2nd place in number of tourists after the capital Bucharest . The airport will be very attractive on the cargo side, the city being located right in the center of the country. According to the estimates of the County Council, the first plane will take off from Brasov Airport in 2021.

The contract for the construction of the main terminal building (with a total area of 11,780 sqm ) was awarded to the Romanian contractor Bog’Art Bucharest and was signed on August 21, 2019. 


onstruction work on the passenger terminal began on 17 March 2020 and is expected to be completed on 1 March 2021. In April 2020, the foundations for the future terminal building began to be laid. The terminal will have an area of ​​about 11,000 square meters.  President of the Brașov County Council, Adrian Veștea, announced on May 8, 2020, that the pouring works of the foundation of the passenger terminal have been completed.

In August 2020, the windows of the front of the passenger terminal were installed, and in September, its roof was installed. Inside the terminal are to be installed escalators , passenger luggage transport facilities, etc.


On March 11, 2021, the president of the Brașov County Council, Adrian-Ioan Veştea, announced that, almost a year after the construction works of the passenger terminal of the Brașov International Airport began, they were completed. There are still some touches to be completed, the installation of furniture, the installation of equipment and systems that are necessary for the operation of the airport, testing of all components, sanitation of spaces.
It was provided that the airport boom (aircraft parking area) could receive up to 3 aircraft simultaneously, with the possibility of expanding it to a capacity of 15 aircraft, if necessary.

Passengers aircraft will probably start routes from Brasov in early 2022. Six airlines have already expressed their interest in launching flights Wizz Air, Blue Air, the Lufthansa Group, Turkish Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, and Israeli airline El AL
Spread over 12,000 square meters, the terminal will be capable of handling up to 1 million passengers per year while respecting the strict rules that came into effect because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Brasov International Airport, inside